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O2O Congress 2019 presenting

Online to Offline Strategy
Revolution and Science of Marketing in the Digital Age
Supply Chain Excellence, Proven Standards and Best Practices

With the internet being so crucial to our lifestyles, we head online to the internet to buy anything. As technology on the digital platform advances, the gap between digital and physical platform widens. O2O Congress 2019 therefore aims to contribute information and share latest trends on O2O business model development along with science of marketing in the digital age as well as introducing enhancement of supply chain standards, best practices and competences.




Transport & Logistics

Food Services

Technical Industries

Humanitarian Logistics


An exclusive annual event that supports Click & Mortar and Supply Chain Management. Building brand recognition, shaping the value of promising businesses by integration in both online and offline information and services. Take away insightful trends and useful information on the digital landscape, supply chain management strategy as well as levitation of quality standards in various trades. See you offline at O2O Congress 2019 for the best marketing, networking and learning opportunities out there.


The rise of online-to-offline commerce has not eliminated the advantages that e-commerce companies have. Companies with brick-and-mortar stores will still have customers that visit physical stores in order to see how an item fits or looks, then make the purchase online (“showrooming”).

Techniques that O2O commerce companies may employ include in-store pick up of items purchased online, allow physical store returning/exchange, and allowing customers to place orders online at the physical store.